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About Us

AJ Pest Service is a company incorporated in Malaysia since 2014 to provide pest control and fumigation services at the domestic, commercial and industrial establishments.

We are industry leader in providing environmentally safe, reliable and superior services in order to protect our customer’s health, food and property. By adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and performance we are committed to total customer satisfaction. In keeping with our company mission, we value truth, integrity, and our industry. We strive to continuously produce the safest, most efficient technologies through innovation and ingenuity.




Pests are the unwanted visitors from the insect and animal world that intrude your property and reduce the quality of your home and living. Some pests such as cockroaches spread disease and toxins while others such as termites can cause major property destruction

Pests enter your home through cracks and gaps that you can’t see. Pests are also especially prevalent in dark and damp places that are not always easy for you to access. For example, you probably don’t get the opportunity to clean your roof cavity very often

AJ Pest Service can provide a long lasting pest control solution for your home. Our pest treatments use the safest and best pesticides to thoroughly protect your home from pests in the areas you can and can’t see

Pest Solutions

  • Insect Light Trap (Professional Glue Board / Sticky pad Series)
  • Fly Glue Trap / Sticky Pad
  • Bird spike
  • Rodent Bait Station
  • Rat Glue Trap
  • Electric ULV Cold
  • Blower Misting
  • Thermal Fog
  • Vehicle Mounted Fog
  • Cockroach Monitoring Glue Trap
  • Disinfection Channel of Vehicle
  • Industry Sprayer



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